Reading About The Craft

My kids have noticed that I read a lot of books about…writing. My eldest hasn’t been bold enough to really ask the tough questions beyond, “Why are you reading this? I noticed you read a lot of these.” I wonder how long my, “I like to read, and I like to know how the authors figure out how to write… Read more →


I love that word. I love how it sounds, how the ‘ou’ makes that sound. I love how the meaning is modified by the context. “I feel lousy.” “That guy, what he did, it was a lousy thing to do.” I just like that word. Read more →

Developing Characters

A great story allows your readers to watch your characters struggle through conflicts with external forces, internal beliefs, and usually with other characters. Writers develop characters through the use of character sheets. A famous example of this is Stephen King’s The Dark Tower: The Complete Concordance by Robin Furth. However, for us mere mortals, we must settle for a simpler solution. Read more →

Routine or Crutch

I’ve been suffering through some demoralizing and distracting issues lately, and I haven’t finished any posts until tonight. I wrote a short piece when I realized that I was distracting myself with twitter. Yes, it happens, but it never happens to you, my wonderful, bright and capable readers. Let me be the bearer of this fault – you shouldn’t have to. Read more →